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5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 8

Finishes – Liquor Storage: Dry / ambient areas.
• Floor: Concrete, sealed
• Walls / Base: Painted
• Ceiling: Exposed structure
Chef’s Refrigerator

1. Program: Provide dedicated walk-in refrigerator for storing prepared and finished products ready for service.
2. Fabrication / Construction: Comply with above for Walk-In Complex.
3. Features: Provide and accommodate the following:
• Mobile storage shelf units.
• Space for mobile refrigerator racks (5SU Package).
• Two entrance doors for pass-thru operation if space permits.
4. Finishes: See Walk-in Units above.


Preparation Area (Fish, Meat, Poultry)

1. Program: Provide dedicated enclosed rooms for preparing products for proper storage.
• Separate products into categories of poultry, fish and meat and transfer into dedicated room for processing.
• Products processed and placed in holding compartment of appropriate refrigerated storage room.
2. Location: Adjacent to unloading area of Receiving and connects Receiving to Walk-in Complex.
3. Equipment: Provide specialized equipment for each food category to wash, uncrate and prepare product for storage including the following for each processing compartment:
• Worktables with two prep sinks
• Water hose / hose reel
• Floor drain
• Hand sinks
4. HVAC: Maintain area temperature at 15o C (60o F)

5. Finishes –Preparation Area:
• Floors: Paver tile
• Base: Paver tile
• Walls: Ceramic tile
• Ceiling: Accessible, washable acoustical tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports.


1. Program: Provide dedicated area in Kitchen for first stages of bulk vegetable preparation.
2. Location: Area in Main Kitchen adjacent to Walk-In Refrigerator Complex and Cold Prep area.
3. Equipment: Provide for bulk vegetable preparation, but not limited to the following:
• Juicers
• Potato peeler
• Salad spinner
• Worktables with 2-compartment sink
• Hand sink
4. Finishes – Pre-Prep:
• Floors: Paver tile (same as Main Kitchen) or seamless flooring
• Base: Paver tile or seamless base
• Walls: Ceramic tile or Fiber Reinforced Panels (FR-FRFP)
• Ceilings: Accessible acoustical tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports.

Cold Prep

1. Program: Dedicated area in Kitchen for the preparation of cold products and ingredients. Market study determines space requirements.
2. Equipment: Provide food processing equipment by Hobart. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Ample storage for smallwares and pans
• Concealed trash (not in aisle spaces)
• Fish file (if facility does not have a dedicated fish production area)
• Food processor
• Mixer
• Utility Sink
• Slicer
• Undercounter refrigeration (drawers)
• Water hose / hose reel
• Worktable
• Hand sink
3. Features: Provide and accommodate the following:
• Access to flake and cube ice.
• Area floor drains for cleaning.
• Convenience duplex electrical outlets in work areas.
• Dedicated space for dessert production to include refrigerated storage with worktable space.
• Open base prep tables.
• Self-contained ergonomic work stations for efficient production movement and to control cross traffic.
• Water source in preparation areas.
4. Finishes - Cold-Prep:
• Floor: Paver tile (same as Main Kitchen) or seamless flooring
• Base: Paver tile or seamless base
• Walls: Ceramic or FR-FRFP
• Ceiling: Accessible acoustical tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports

5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
Structure of the kitchen
Kitchen ,the products
Kitchen,Human resources
Kitchen ,Hygiene aspects
Kitchen ,Layout
Kitchen ,Ventilation
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