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Glass &Windows Selection

5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 13

7. Pantry: Provide additional pantry in areas of remote meeting rooms with the following:
• Beverage storage and production (coffee)
• Cart parking area
• Clean ware storage
• Hot holding cabinet
• Ice storage and production
• Refrigerated storage
• Soiled ware storage
8. Finishes - Banquet Plating:
• Floor: Paver tile or seamless flooring
• Base: Paver tile or seamless base
• Walls: Epoxy paint
• Ceiling: Accessible acoustical tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports


Ice Production - Main Kitchen

1. Program: Dedicated space and equipment for the production and storage of ice for kitchen use.
2. Equipment: Water-cooled, self-contained compressor system.
• When selecting, consider low noise, heat gain, ventilation, unit size, height and capacity / efficiency of unit.
• Verify ceiling height at ice bin location prior to ordering.
3. Ice Machines: Select size and ice bin capacity according to market study and demand for ice production
Typically, base on 32o C ambient, 21o C water (90o F ambient, 70o F water) temperature:

• Cube
• Flake
4. Water Filter: Size to accommodate cube and flaked ice machine capacities. Locate filter in easily accessible location for servicing.
5. Ice Bin: Select style based on ice quantity demand (low or high) and size bin for 150% of daily production capacity. If in remote location, provide mobile, insulated carts for ice transfer.
• Low: Provide one split bin with cube and flake ice machine mounted on top.
• High: Provide separate higher capacity bins for each.
6. Unit Fabrication: Fully insulated with stainless steel or polypropylene interior and stainless steel exterior.

7. Drainage:
• Provide floor grate and trough in front of ice bin to capture excess water runoff.
• Provide funnel drain for cube maker and bin located outside of traffic circulation path.
8. Finishes – Ice Production:
• Floor: Paver tile (same as Main Kitchen) or seamless flooring
• Base: Paver tile or seamless base
• Walls: Ceramic tile wainscot on concrete masonry; epoxy painted above
• Ceiling: Accessible acoustical tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports


Pot Washing

1. Program: Dedicated equipment for washing and sanitizing
pots and pans in dedicated space.
2. Location: In Main Kitchen close to hot food production line.
May combine area with Warewashing if space and ease of
function permits. Also, may share common clean dish table
with Warewashing in a “U” shaped configuration.
3. Equipment: Requirements include, but are not limited to the
• Sink: 3-compartment, freestanding, stainless steel sink
with minimum 75 cm (30 inch) long drainboards, and 2
swing faucets. Fabricate sinks and drainboard as integral
unit with welded joints. Connect drains to manifold and
interconnect with grease trap.
• Waste Disposal: Mount cone in soiled side drainboard of
3-compartment sink.
• Pre-Rinse Faucet: Mount on backsplash of
3-compartment sink over disposal cone.
• Drying / Storage Racks: Provide for pots, pans and
• Wall shelf with pot rack hooks.
• Hand sink
4. Features: Provide the following:
• Drains: Ample floor drainage.
• Cart Space: Parking space for carts of soiled pots from
remote foodservice areas.
5. Finishes – Pot Washing:
• Floor: Paver tile
• Base: Paver tile
• Walls: Ceramic tile
• Ceiling: Accessible, washable tile on corrosion resistant
grid and supports


5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
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