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5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 15

Associate Cafeteria

1. Program: Provide dedicated cafeteria / dining facility for
2. Size/Area: Coordinate program and design requirements with Associate Facilities.
3. Location: Near Associate services (change / shower / toilet rooms). Satisfy local daylight requirements.
4. Features:
• No cashier required
• No dishwashing or back-of-house kitchen facilities if in proximity to other kitchen and dishwashing facilities.
• Cafeteria style service.
• Hot food served by attendant.
• Self-serve salad, dessert and beverage stations.
5. Equipment: May be influenced by regional preferences such as Far East (wok). Generally, requirements include, but are not limited to the following:
• Cooking Battery: Provide for short-order items cooked on premises which, typically, includes a griddle and fryer battery with dump station.
• Service Equipment: Coffee urn, hot wells, insulated ice pans and serving shelves.
• Hot Holding Cabinets: Full size mobile, plug in units to transport and hold food items brought from Main Kitchen requiring longer cook times.
• Refrigeration: Provide for cold foodservice items.
• Worktables: Provide with sink (majority of food preparation performed in Main Kitchen).
• Serving Counter: Provide with tray slides, beverage stand, condiment station and dessert display.
• Carts: Provide parking area for carts to transfer prepared foods from Main Kitchen and to transport


Silver Burnishing Room
1. Program: Separate room with equipment to burnish silver flatware and hollowware, if required by Facilities
2. Location: Adjacent to Main Kitchen and dishwashing but away from dining or public areas that may be disrupted by burnishing machine vibration and noise.
3. Burnishing Machine: Open top, vibrating type capable of burnishing 250 to 300 pieces of mixed flatware at one time.
• Size machine to accommodate hollowware required.
• Provide with 204 kg (450 lbs.) of steel burnishing balls.

4. Equipment: Provide the following:
• Table with sink.
• Shelving: To sort and stage material.
5. Finishes – Silver Burnishing Room:
• Floor: Paver tile; same as kitchen area
• Base: Same as kitchen area
• Walls: Concrete masonry, painted
• Ceiling: Same as kitchen area



Trash Holding - Refrigerated

1. Program: Dedicated room with refrigeration system to hold wet waste between pick-ups.
2. Location: Adjacent to Loading Dock at Receiving.
3. Size: Base on trash holding and pick-up frequency.
4. Features: Provide and accommodate the following:
• Door: Size entrance door to accommodate carts and trash trucks.
• Cooling Equipment: Support water cooled evaporator coil similar to type required for walk-in complex. Size
compressor and evaporator coil to maintain 13o C (55o F).

• Washing: Equip room with water hose and hose reel.
• Drainage: Slope floor to floor drain.
5. Finishes – Trash Storage:
• Floor: Concrete, sealed.
• Base: Same as walls.
• Walls: Concrete masonry, epoxy painted or ceramic tile on masonry.
• Ceiling: Exposed structure.


Room Service

1. Program: Delivery of foodservice items to Guestrooms.

2. Workstation: Accommodate P.O.S. terminal, telephone and other computer requirements based on size of workstation.
3. Staging Area: Provide in Main Kitchen adjacent to Food Pick-Up Line (or exhibition kitchen where applicable) which shares common cooking line. Provide adjacent and accessible to Service Elevator.
4. Equipment: Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Worktables: Provide for staging of orders.

• Refrigeration: Dedicated 2 door refrigerator with half height doors and adjustable shelves to store condiments, sodas, salads, etc. and flowers in a separate refrigerator.
• Beverage Service: Secured area for bottled beverages (preferred), cans, coffee, espresso and juices (service bar or public bar access for liquor).
• Carts: Typically, include in 5SU package. Provide electric, hot holding boxes for mobile carts. Base quantity on approximately 5 to 8% of guestroom count. Carts for Middle Eastern countries may require up to 12% count. Verify with market study.
• Storage: Provide for amenities such as VIP platters and gift baskets. Include general storage for dedicated Room Service items such as silverware, trays, coffeepots and other smallwares.
5. Finishes – Room Service:
• Floor: Paver tile (same as Main Kitchen) or seamless flooring
• Base: Paver tile or seamless base
• Walls: Ceramic tile or FR-FRFP
• Ceiling: Accessible, washable tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports

Ice / Vending

1. Program: Ice cuber and dispenser for guest access and use>
2. Location: One unit per guestroom floor (50 rooms maximum) in centralized vending space (if applicable) and/or ice dispensing machine room.
3. Equipment Features: Provide water-cooled, self contained, condensers for ice cubers. Include equipment with the following features:
• Low noise and heat.
• Self service, push button dispensing style.
• Open ice bin types are not permitted due to the possibility of contamination.
4. Coordination: Verify ceiling height requirements to accommodate machine and for installation.


Guestrooms & Suites

1. Guestroom Suite Pantry: Provide limited foodservice pantry in Hospitality, Presidential and Vice Presidential suites and other suites as required by the Facilities Program. • Storage: Provide for guest goods/service items, dishes, paper goods, silverware, glassware, etc.

2. Mini-Bars: Provide self-service half sized refrigerator / mini-bar in guestroom for liquor, beer, wine, soda and
snacks charged to guests.
• Storage: Provide dedicated, secured storage room for refrigerator / mini-bar stock and locate accessible from service corridor and elevator.

5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
Structure of the kitchen
Kitchen ,the products
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Kitchen ,Ventilation
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