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5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 14


1. Program: Area for cleaning and sanitizing of plates and utensils for service. May be combined with Pot Washing.
2. Location: In main kitchen within accessible area to waitstaff near kitchen entrance from dining room and food pick-up line.
3. Equipment: Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Drop-Off Table: “L” shaped for soiled dishes.
• Shelf: Double sided glass rack shelf mounted to drop off table.
• Soiled Dish Table: Connect to warewashing machine.
• Sink: Provide with waste disposal. Locate between drop-off and warewashing machine.
• Faucet: Mount pre-rinse faucet over sink.
• Rack Support: Provide over sink.
• Warewasher machine; see below.
• Clean Dish Table: Connect to exit end of warewashing machine for unloading of racks.
• Rack Shelf: Wall mounted on clean side.
• Hand sink
4. Warewasher: Size machine according to seating capacity of restaurants and foodservice areas and utilizing machine at 70% of rated capacity. Prefer conveyor rack model. Provide the following features:
• Heavy duty stainless steel construction
• Booster Heater: Size for 82 to 90 C (180 to 195 F) hot water rinse for sanitizing. Select most efficient
utility to operate booster heater. No “low temperature” or chemical sanitizing machines.
• Temperature and pressure gages
• Automatic tank fill options
• Exhaust: Provide with exhaust hoods or directly connect to vent ducts for removing steam and heat.
• Drying Area: Provide adequate space for drying (minimum three rack lengths).
• Preferred Manufacturer: Hobart
5. Features: Provide the following:
• Drains: Ample floor drainage.
• Carts: Cart parking for soiled dish dollies and rack dollies.
• Ample clean service ware storage on mobile racks .

6. Finishes – Warewashing:
• Floor: Paver tile
• Base: Paver tile
• Walls: Ceramic tile or FR-FRFP • Ceiling: Accessible, washable tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports


Janitor’s Closet

1. Program: A dedicate closet for the storage of cleaning supplies and equipment to service food handling areas.
Separate from the general/toilet room janitor closet.
2. Location: On the same floor as the food space to be serviced, preferably within the food space.
3. Equipment:
• Slop sink
• Chemical Shelving
• Mop Hanger
4. Finishes:
• Floor: Paver tile
• Base: Paver tile
• Walls: Ceramic tile or FR-FRFP. Stainless flashing around sink
• Ceiling: Accessible, washable tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports


Chef’s Office

1. Program: Dedicated, secure office space for the Executive
Chef and kitchen managers to administer management tasks and hold private meetings.
2. Location: In Main Kitchen space within view of Associate workstations.
3. Features:
• Windows to view preparation and production areas.
• Lockable door.
4. Equipment: Provide the following:
• Desk and chairs.
• Computer with Internet access.
• Book shelf.
• Filing cabinet.
5. Finishes – Chef’s Office:
• Floors: Same as Kitchen
• Base: Same as Kitchen
• Walls: Painted
• Ceilings: Accessible acoustical tile



5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
Structure of the kitchen
Kitchen ,the products
Kitchen,Human resources
Kitchen ,Hygiene aspects
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Kitchen ,Ventilation
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