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5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 4


Kitchen Hood Cleaning:
• High Grease Applications: In markets with high wage rates, consider water wash or UV, self-cleaning hoods for high grease producing applications.
+ Provide recessed mounted control panel to power hood, wash cycle, UV controls and fan.
+ Locate fire protection system control and monitoring components in control panel cabinet when possible, and accessible for servicing and maintenance.
• Low Grease Applications: Use dry cartridge, high velocity extracting hood for low grease producing applications.
Mount control for lights and fan on wall


Operating Temperatures: <15A>
• Kitchen: Summer:.........27' C (80' F)
• Kitchen: Winter: ............21' C (70' F)
• Cold Preparation: .........18' C (65' F)
• Meat / Fish / Poultry: ....18' C (65' F)

o o
• Chocolate Room:..........15 'C (60 'F)
o C (65o F)
• Pastry Shop:.................18'C (55' F)
• Trash Holding:..............13 'C


Walk-in Refrigeration Systems:
• Controls / Alarms: Provide each walk-in compartment with temperature / audio / visual alarm system.
Interconnect with building engineer’s monitoring system.
Consider remote monitoring options.
• Back-up Power: If a standby power generator serves the project, connect walk-in refrigerators to back-up power.

• Condenser / Compressor Units: Provide water cooled units:
+ Locate units in a secure room near walk-in refrigeration compartments.

Do not locate above walk-in refrigeration compartments.
+ Provide for refrigeration compressors of 1 hp or larger.
+ Provide each unit with a water supply of 0.1 l / s
(1.5 gpm) / hp at 21 C (70 F).
+ Do not use domestic, potable water for cooling.
Provide recirculating system.
+ Provide a minimum air exhaust of 340 m3 / hr

(200 cfm) to maintain compressor room temperature below 32 C (90 F).
+ Verify that refrigerant line runs do not exceed manufacturer’s requirements.

• Condenser / Compressor Alternate: If water cooled units are not possible, . Provide air cooled units (air cooled units use more energy and require more maintenance) as follows:
+ Locate units in weather protected area.
+ Locate units in a secure room.
+ Do not locate units above walk-in refrigeration compartments.
+ Provide each unit with a minimum exhaust of 1700 m3 / hr (1000 cfm) / hp to maintain the compressor room below 32' C (90' F).
+ Verify that refrigerant line runs do not exceed manufacturer’s requirements.


J. Plumbing

1. Requirements
• Conceal plumbing utilities within walls. If concealed installation is not possible, use stainless steel or chrome plated covers if in prep and production
• Horizontal piping runs extended and connected to equipment shall be at the highest practical elevation but not less than 150 mm (6 inches) above the floor to provide clearance for cleaning.
• Conceal exhaust ventilator drain lines in walls and extend to building drains.
2. Hot Water: • Provide 60o C (140o F) degree water for preparation, pot sinks, warewashing machines and general kitchen • Provide 49o C (120o F) water for hand sinks.


5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
Structure of the kitchen
Kitchen ,the products
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Kitchen ,Hygiene aspects
Kitchen ,Layout
Kitchen ,Ventilation
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