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5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 2

Construction Requirements - General

1. Floors: Provide the following scheduled finish materials with minimum slip resistance coefficient of 0.6, wet/dry (level floor) and 0.8 wet/dry for ramps.
• Paver Tile: Comply with Tile Council of America (TCA) standards. Provide cleanable, 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inch) minimum, vitreous (0.5% to 3% water absorption), square edge tile. Provide mud set installation on grout (sanded) with joints at 6 mm (¼ inch) width.
• Seamless Floor: Duraflex or approved equal.
• Concrete: Hard steel troweled and sealed (storage and non-food production areas only).


• Kitchen Walls: Construction may be masonry or gypsum board on metal stud system. If gypsum board, construct framing on 20 cm (8 inch) high concrete or concrete masonry unit curbs.

• Wall Height: Construct kitchen perimeter walls full height to underside of structure and seal to contain kitchen noise and odors.
• Ceramic Tile (preferred): Follow TCA standards for product selection and installation. Where finish walls are exposed to guest view, provide ceramic tile and design to support restaurant concept and interior design.
• Fire Rated - Fiber-Reinforced Finish Paneling (FR- FRFP): Provide Fire Rated Paneling (FRP) type as approved by FM Global in areas of food processing and production, and on kitchen corridor walls, which require fire rated, sanitary, cleanable walls.
• Security: Construct walls of lockable / secure areas (storage, offices, etc.) to structure above (or provide equal security barrier of expanded metal lath or welded wire fabric) to deter unauthorized entry / theft.
• Reinforcement: Reinforce walls and ceiling to support wall and ceiling mounted equipment.
• Wall Thickness: Provide sufficient to receive recessed equipment when required.
• Walls Above Walk-In Freezer / Refrigerator Units: Extend prefabricated unit walls to ceiling above perimeter of walk-in freezer / refrigerators to prevent storage use, to prevent excessive loads on units and to enhance sanitation.
• Wall Protection: In high traffic areas, provide high and low bump rails <8B> or armor metal plates fastened to wall from floor to 1.2 m (4 ft.) high.
• Corner Guards: Provide 10 x 10 cm x 1.5 m high (4 x 4 inch x 5 ft.), 16 gage stainless steel at exposed outside wall corners of interior spaces subject to cart traffic.


Ceilings: Provide materials that meet the following criteria:
• Washable surfaces, but non-corrosive.
• Accessible, non corrosive support systems.
• Recessed light fixtures (not surface mounted to ceiling).
• Provide fire rated ceiling panels (FRP), approved by FM Global and by governing regulations.

Raceways: Provide 15 cm (6 inch) diameter raceway (PVC, EMT, or other material required by code) to run soda and beer lines from bag in box rack to dispenser with easy sweep bends of 46 cm (18 inch) radius minimum. Run conduit on underside of slab or above finished ceiling as appropriate and provide support.

5. Cabling: Use shielded and unshielded cable for PMS and P.O.S. systems as required by hotel.
• When required by code or for protection from damage, provide 5 cm (2 inch) diameter raceway (PVC, EMT or code approved material) for run of computer grade conduit from P.O.S. units to computer system room with easy sweep bends of 46 cm (18 inch) radius minimum.
• Run conduit on underside of slab or above finished ceiling as appropriate and provide support.
Foodservice Openings: Provide stainless steel trim around both sides of wall openings to receive pass through or recessed foodservice equipment.
Pass Doors: Provide easy opening, in/out door with vision panel in high traffic areas between restaurant and kitchen.
Natural Light: Verify code requirements for daylight / natural light in kitchen. Incorporate natural daylight and views into the plan wherever possible.
Foodservice Health Provisions:
• Hand Sinks: Stainless steel; locate within a 6 m (20 ft) walking distance of food preparation, production and warewashing areas. Connect hand sinks direct to waste system. Provide touchless hot and cold water controls (foot or sensor operation).
• Soap / Towels: Provide soap and towel dispensers at hand sinks. • Grease Disposal: Connect pot sinks and other grease wastes (not grinders / disposal waste machines) to grease traps.
• Back-Splashes: 15 cm (6 inch) high for worktables and counters against walls. Seal to wall with food safe, 100% silicone sealant.
• Cleaning Clearance: Provide 10 cm (4 inch) minimum clearance for cleaning at stationary equipment not sealed to walls. Maintain 15 cm (6 inch) minimum clearance for equipment above floor (including undershelves) for cleaning.
• Exhaust Ventilators: Provide stainless steel wall finish on walls to tile floor base, behind cooking appliances and adjacent to exhaust ventilators.
• Storage: Lockable; separate chemical from food storage.
• Finishes: Provide safe, easy to clean finishes for floors, ceilings and walls of food prep / production areas.
• Paint / Coatings: Provide durable, mildew resistant, non-toxic, non-dusting, non-flaking, NSF approved coatings; suitable for foodservice areas.
5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
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