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Commercial Kitchen Planning Layout
Having looked at the problems of hygiene, we will now look at the prob lems that can arise if a kitchen is not properly planned and laid out.
Planning does not just refer to the appropriate positioning of the equipment but also to making sure that the structure of the area itself is suitable as well.
As has been repeatedly stated, the objective of all this is the achievement of the ideal kitchen that responds exactly to the needs of functionality,
hygiene, safety and reliability.

A correct layout means exploiting all the available space to the maximum and the optimal employment of the human resources of the kitchen whilst minimising the risk of contamination of the food, respecting regulations and hygiene, as well as making sure the equipment is of a size to cope with the number of covers.
This means a careful study of space and volume must be made, in order to obtain a working environment that opti mises areas and phases of work, eliminating or reducing possible risk factors.

Such objectives are ambitious, and achievable only by the use of qualified personnel who will collaborate with the kitchen personnel and as well as plan ning the kitchen will act as consultants. The common objective of this team is to create an ad-hoc structure, that responds to the needs of the workers, clients and owner.

Some kitchen of risk factors ,

Conservation - Storage at the wrong temperature, contamination of different types of raw ingredients, contamination of cooked products by raw products, contamination by dirty utensils and equipment, inadequate storage containers or packaging, unclean personnel etc.

Preparation Phase - Using contaminated utensils, equipment and surfaces, contamination by different raw products etc.

Cooking Phase - Cooking at the wrong temperature, or not for long enough, cooking healthy and contaminated foods at the same time.

Presentation and Distribution Phase - Foods displayed for a long time at ambient temperatures etc.


A kitchen needs to the protect itself against the problems outlined above. The ideal kitchen must be able to satisfy the needs of the clients, by serv ing healthy, appetising, attractive dishes with high nutritional value in ade quate quantities. As well, it must be able to function with high standards of productivity, in a safe and clean environment whilst keeping costs in 17 line with those projected.
The kitchen therefore must be planned from the start with the collaboration of everyone involved to achieve the ideal kitchen, even at the first draft of the layout.
The steps to take to achieve this are as follows:

a) Rational utilisation of space - Included in this is the division of space, hygiene and safety.

b) Production flow - Included in this are prime ingredients, semi-pre pared dishes, ready-made dishes and waste.

c) Adherence to regulations

d) Structural characteristics - Included in this are the walls, waste pipes, floors, energy and equipment.

Kitchen ,Walls, floors and ceilings

Kitchen ,Drainage

Kitchen ,Piping

Kitchen ,Ventilation


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