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Commercial, Industrial & Educational Soundproofing.

Effective sound insulation is essential in commercial, educational and industrial environments. Internal privacy and the comfort of staff are concerns of any office manager. SRS Ltd have many years experience in the field of acoustic insulation and have many products designed to combat sound disturbance in the commercial, industrial and educational environments.

Suspended Ceilings - Should you have partitions installed to the underside of a suspended ceiling, you may find that sound travels easily between adjoining offices. Soundblockers offer an ideal solution to this. Simply installed onto the back of existing ceiling tiles, they provide a rapid and effective means of soundproofing a suspended ceiling. They are also useful for protecting the privacy of boardrooms and the like, that adjoin common areas.

Cross talk over partitions - Soundstop can be used as a ceiling void barrier, but is more versatile, in that it can also be used to line noisy ductwork, services and equipment cabinets, as well as being used to upgrade the sound insulation of partition walls. Soundbar is designed for use in areas requiring a greater level of acoustic privacy, e.g. boardrooms and interview rooms. This is installed within the ceiling void, between the partition head and the soffit, providing a continuation of the partition and blocking the sound path over the top.

Echo & Reverberation - Another problem within the office environment is sound reverberation and echo. Many open plan offices suffer from this problem, and SRS can offer Coustifoam as a solution. Coustifoam is an absorbent material that is supplied in many formats to increase the sound quality of a room.

Acoustic sealing Gasket - Soundseal is an acoustic sealing gasket that is used to introduce sound insulation into any small gaps or apertures. Ideal for using around door rebates, between rebated edge tiles and in partition head details
Domestic Soundproofing.

Acoustilay and Maxiboard also lend themselves to domestic soundproofing where noisy neighbours or even family members are causing disturbance.

Floors - Acoustilay is ideal for use on separating floors between dwellings in flats and apartments, or between upstairs and downstairs rooms in a single occupancy house. Simply loose laid beneath most floor finishes, Acoustilay provides a high acoustic performance for minimum disruption.

Walls - Maxiboard can be used to reduce the sound transmission through the walls between horizontal neighbours in semi detached and terrace housing, and also in flats and apartments. Installed onto the problem wall by means of an isolating framework, Maxiboard can be used in much the same way as standard plasterboard but with far higher acoustic properties.

Sound insulation and noise control

Noise pollution is the problem of the day. The fact that we are surrounded by noise all around us in our world today is an increasing problem. To be able to concentrate during work or any other activity that needs concentration, one needs a quiet atmosphere. There are many disturbing factors even in our private area, for e.g. sound of music piercing in through another room in the house and disturbing you when you would actually like to be in absolute quietness.
Outside we are continuously enveloped in noise coming from all around us i.e. sound of cars, machines, loudspeakers, voices etc. Hence we are constantly surrounded by noise both in our public as well as our private lives.

Our spray-on sound insulation provides high levels of sound absorption in work areas subject to intense noise levels from voices and machinery. The purposes of applying spray-on sound insulation material in areas like; public buildings, industries or marine vessels are for example to:
· Reduce general noise level.
· Provide for better work conditions.
· Reduce echoes in big halls like ice hockey arenas or airports.
· Reduce noise levels emitting from machines, equipment, pipelines or enclosures.

Acoustic control is a means to reduce the noise from one room to the next or to reduce the amount of echo in a room. Both of these can be achieved with the use of sound insulation. So you need sound insulation whether you are trying to install machines or trying to minimize sound in an office or a school, restaurant, hotel, church or a ship or any other public place.
Be it office buildings, residential buildings, institutions, marine vessels or trains, acoustic control and noise suppression with spray-on sound insulation helps to solve vital environmental problems.
The material that we use is excellent at absorbing the sound that would otherwise travel through the air.



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