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Glass &Windows Selection

5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 6

2. Lighting Levels:
• Prep Areas: 538 to 754 lux (50 to 70 foot candles) at table surface.
• Storage / Corridors: 215 lux (20 foot candles) minimum.

3. Lamps / Fixtures: Provide the following:
• Recessed mounted fixture and lens flush with ceiling.
• Shatterproof sheaths.
• Fluorescent lamp (Back-of-House).
• Removable, washable plastic lens.
• Interior Design: When lights are exposed to the Guest’s view (such as in Exhibition Kitchens), select fixtures that are coordinated with the interior design and support the restaurant concept. <3>

1. Program: Provide an area for the unloading of products from delivery trucks. Deliveries are checked-in and weighed by security and kitchen staff. Large shipments of product are broken down for food production storage and returns are processed.
2. Trash Recycling: Provide facilities to separate and store recyclable material if required by governing regulations. • Provide for pest control in recycling and waste areas.
• If provided within the building, locate in a sealed, refrigerated room.
3. Trash Holding: When required, provide a refrigerated room with refrigerated compactor.
• Consider the following:
+ Location of project
+ Amount of trash
+ Frequency of trash removal
+ Exterior conditions


4. Purchasing Office: At locations outside the U.S. and Canada, provide an office at Receiving (with view of Receiving Area) to manage food purchasing.
5. Scale: Heavy duty construction, recessed in dock floor with capacity and increments dependant on delivery load 6. Cart Wash: Provide a dedicated area or alcove for cleaning foodservice carts and equipment.
• Location: At Receiving area or pot washing area. • Size/Area: 2.4 x 2.4 m (8 x 8 ft.), typical.
• Partition or isolate from Can Wash to avoid contamination from garbage containers.

• Provide positive slope to floor drains or trough drain.
• Provide hose and hose rack with hot and cold water.
7. Can Wash: Provide dedicated room equipped with a machine used to clean and sanitize garbage cans.
• Location: Adjacent to Receiving (loading dock) area. • Size/Area: 2.4 x 2.4 m (8 x 8 ft.) enclosed room with 1 m (3’-6”) wide door.
• Can Wash Machine:
+ Size machine to accommodate product (containers) used in foodservice operation. Mount on 10 cm (4 inch) high curb.
+ Equip space with hose and hose rack with hot and cold water.
8. Entry Doors: Provide controls for prevention of pest contamination. Includes automatic air curtains, door seals, sweeps, guards and automatic door closers.
9. Finishes – Receiving Areas:
• Floors: Concrete, sealed
• Walls: Concrete masonry, epoxy painted
• Ceilings: Exposed structure

Rough Prep

1. Program: Provide when market study determines that food and produce arrives in a rough, unprocessed state that requires cleaning prior to entering the facility preparation areas.
2. Location: Locate at Receiving Area adjacent to Preparation Area.
3. Features: Provide the following:
• Continuous 15 cm (6 inch) high concrete curb / base at perimeter walls.
• Floor trench drain
• Slope floor to drain
• Wash table and sink
• Hot and cold water faucet at sink
• Hot / cold water, hose and water hose rack at wall
4. Finishes: Provide the following:
• Floors: Concrete, sealed
• Base: Concrete curb
• Walls: Ceramic tile
• Ceiling: Exposed solid deck structure painted or food
prep type suspended ceiling.

Refrigerated / Frozen Storage Units

1. Program: Provide insulated and refrigerated compartmentalized storage (complex of units) to house food products. Provide pass-thru units consisting of two compartments for each food category as follows:
• 1 compartment for holding raw product adjacent to Rough Prep rooms.
• 1 compartment for holding prepared or finished product adjacent to Main Kitchen.
2. Location: Locate between Rough Prep rooms and Cold Prep area of Main Kitchen.
3. Entrance Access: Provide common entrance vestibule with other storage facilities such as dry, liquor, and non-food.
Requires dedicated storeroom attendant.
• Secure space with door and magnetic encoded card electronic operated lock with audit record and door contact alarm
• Provide double door entrance to accommodate pallet width.
• Provide adequate space to store pallets.
• Desk and chair.
• Computer with PMS.
4. Freezer Facilities: Provide and size according to the following:
• Market study.
• Geographic location.
• Delivery schedules.
• Availability of products.
5. Storage Equipment: Provide the following: • Shelving: Noncorrosive material such as stainless steel wire or polypropylene protected wire meeting NSF material and fabrication requirements.
• Shelf Units: Four tiers of shelving with 1.6 m (5’-3”) posts, four leg / post casters and brakes on the two front casters.
• First Shelf: Install 25 cm (10 inches) above floor with equally spaced shelves above.
6. Walk-in Unit (Coldroom) Fabrication / Construction:
• Floor: Depress supporting slab to receive insulation, minimum R-30, and floor surface to match balance of Main Kitchen. Provide walk-in floor surface flush with adjoining kitchen - no ramps or steps.

• Walls / Overhead: Foam-in-place urethane insulated, minimum R-30, panels. Nonpainted, noncorrosive, 1 mm (U.S. 20 gage) stainless steel or equivalent interior and minimum 1 mm (U.S. 20 gage) stainless steel, exterior walls. Enclose space above top of units to structure above with same panel / finish material as walk-in unit. Provide trim strips as necessary.
• Door: Hinged, 91 cm (3 ft.) wide entrance door with 3 self-closing hinges, observation window with heater, 61 cm (24 inch) high diamond kick plate on both sides and a door locking mechanism. Provide heaters and pressure relief ports for freezer compartments. • Thermometer: Exterior, viewable, mount near unit
entry door.

5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
Structure of the kitchen
Kitchen ,the products
Kitchen,Human resources
Kitchen ,Hygiene aspects
Kitchen ,Layout
Kitchen ,Ventilation
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