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5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 10

A’ La Carte Food Production Line

1. Program: Provide dedicated area in main kitchen for cooking of hot food products for service. For conditions of designing a separate food production kitchen, see previous “Space Planning” requirements for “Banquet Kitchen” in this Module.
2. Equipment: Provide heavy duty equipment. Consider size of foodservice, F&B concepts and catering, to select equipment. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
• 6-burner range with oven base.
• Char grill
• Fryers (with filtration)
• Griddles
• Infrared broiler
• Combi-Oven Steamer
• Salamander Broiler
3. Hot Food Equipment: To hold hot foods.
• Bain Marie.
• Hot Holding Cabinets: Locate opposite ovens.
4. Refrigerated Storage Equipment: To store cold foods.
• Reach-in refrigerator / freezers, adequate size for entire meal (upright and undercounter)
• Freezer in close proximity to fryer.
5. Specialty Equipment: Provide as necessary to accommodate local practices.
6. Features:
• Island Cooking Battery: Prefer battery type with back to back cooking orientation.
• Low Walls: Separate equipment with a 1.37 m (4’-6”) high low-wall with stainless steel wall flashing / top.
+ Group equipment used for batch cooking on one side of low wall.
+ Group a’ la carte equipment on side of low wall opposite Chef’s Counter (food pick-up line).
• Provide mobile equipment with flexible gas hoses and quick disconnects (where applicable).
• Place floor troughs in front of kettles and wet applications.
• Allow 30 cm (1 ft) front and side overhang for exhaust ventilators.
7. Finishes – A’ La Carte Food Production Line:
• Floor: Paver tile or seamless flooring.
• Base: Paver tile or seamless base.
• Walls: Ceramic tile.
• Ceiling: Accessible acoustical tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports.


Food Pickup Line (Chef’s Counter)

1. Program: Counter to assemble, stage and garnish finished plates for a’ la carte service and assembly of orders per table.
2. Equipment: Provide heavy duty, custom fabricated stainless steel construction. Requirements include, but are not limited to the following.
• Hot Food Wells: Provide to maintain safe temperatures for soups, side dishes and sauces.
• Refrigerated Cold Pans: Provide for garnishes.
• Double Overshelves: Locate heat lamps mounted below shelves in hot food areas.
• Cutting boards: removable type.
• Hot cabinets for plates
• Sink
• Plate shelf on chef’s side
• Shelf Storage: Provide open shelf storage on server’s side of unit with tray catch shelf
• Trash cans: recessed
• Ice Cream Freezer: Drop in freezer and dipper well
• Refrigeration: Provide reach-in refrigerator in close proximity for back up items during service periods.
Provide remote refrigeration for garnish pans and undercounter refrigerated cabinets in Chef’s Counter.
3. Location: Provide adjacent to A’ La Carte Cooking Battery.
4. Features:
• Maximize amount of open storage shelving.
• Dedicated hot food, cold food and dessert stations for garnishing and staging of plates for service.
5. Isle Width: 91 cm (3 ft.) minimum between Chef’s Counter and cooking line and no more than 1.2 m (4 ft.).
6. Floor Drains: Provide on chef’s side of counter.
7. Finishes – Food Pick-up Line:
• Floors: Paver tile (same as Main Kitchen)
• Base: Paver tile
• Walls: Same as Main Kitchen
• Ceilings: Accessible acoustical tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports

Specialty Restaurant Kitchen

1. Program: Dedicated kitchen for cooking and finishing plates for service in separate specialty themed restaurant.
2. Design Features: Accommodate and provide the following:
• Prefer finishing kitchen only, depending on concept, food preparation occurs in Main Kitchen.
• Access to service corridor to transport items from Main Kitchen and warewashing areas (or vertical lift if on separate floors).
3. Preparation Equipment Requirements: Typically, items prepared include garnishes, finishing applications and restaurant specific service items. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Worktables and sinks for a limited amount of preparation
• Undercounter refrigeration
• Shelves and drawers to store utensils and other wares
• Refrigeration, reach-in (freezer if required)
4. Cooking Battery: Provide the following:
• Authentic equipment consistent with F&B concept and menu.
• Size equipment according to restaurant capacity.
• Cooking equipment for A la Carte applications. Bulk cooking occurs in Main Kitchen as explained earlier in this Module.
5. Food Pick up Line: Provide the following:
• Chef’s counter for finishing and plating, refer to “Food Pick-Up Line”
6. Server Station: Provide counter in kitchen for coffee production, water, glass / service ware storage and specialty beverages, refer to Server’s Station.
7. Ice Production: Provide ice cuber and/or flaker with bin as required by of location and demand requirements. Ice production needs are determined as follows:
• Proximity to Ice Production area of Main Kitchen.
• Demand for ice in Specialty Restaurant.
8. Bar: If required by Facilities Program, provide full service bar.
• Soda served to waitstaff in addition to bar customers.
9. Potwashing: Provide 3-compartment sink with
drainboards, storage shelf for drying and storage of pots and pans for service.

10. Finishes – Specialty Restaurant Kitchen:
• Floor: Paver tile (same as Main Kitchen) or seamless flooring
• Base: Paver tile or seamless base
• Walls: Painted
• Ceiling: Ceilings: Accessible, washable tile on corrosion resistant grid and supports

5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
Structure of the kitchen
Kitchen ,the products
Kitchen,Human resources
Kitchen ,Hygiene aspects
Kitchen ,Layout
Kitchen ,Ventilation
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