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5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen General Standarts 12

8. Restaurant Service / Dispensing Bar: Typically, provide where Lobby Bar is remote from Restaurant.
• Food: Provide from main kitchen to bar. If food pick-up line is not within 46 m (150 ft.) of bar, provide pantry to accommodate remote functions.
• Food Segment: Consider, if appropriate or required, the integration of a Food Segment
• Pantry: If main foodservice is not provided within 27 m (90 ft.) of bar, provide a pantry to accommodate remote functions.

• Pantry Equipment: Generally, provide the following:
+ Hot food holding cabinet.
+ Refrigeration, reach-in refrigerator.

+ Plating area.
+ Cooking equipment; limited as required for menu.
• Storage: Provide shelves for breakdown of soiled wares and storage for service utensils.


Leased Restaurant

1. Program: When programmed as part of the Facilities
Program it is a space within the hotel that is leased to a third party operator to function as a Specialty Restaurant.
• Depending on concept, provide either a shell space with utilities run to the perimeter, or a fully functional kitchen space designed as a Specialty Restaurant.
2. Design Features:
• Independent metering of utilities
• Secure route and access to Receiving
• Separate kitchen facilities (production, storage) from hotel restaurants
• Separate employee facilities
• Off street entrance


Banquet Prep

1. Program: Dedicated area to perform food preparation for banquet and catering functions, similar to Cold Prep.
2. Location: Typically, combine area with Cold Prep. In larger hotels or facilities with a remote Banquet Kitchen, provide a dedicated Banquet Prep area.
3. Equipment: Provide similar to Cold Prep requirements.
4. Finishes: See “Cold Prep”

Banquet Beverage Station

1. Program: Staging area for production and distribution of beverages for catering functions.
2. Functions:
• Coffee production
• Cup and saucer storage
• Refrigeration for condiments
• Ice production
• Worktables with sinks 3. Location: Staging area adjacent to meeting rooms that are distant from the Main Kitchen.
4. Equipment:
• Mobile bars as required (1 per 100 guests) (prefer built-in bars in pre-function spaces that can blend into surroundings when not in use.)
• Bottled beverage storage
• Clean glassware storage
• Coffee break space
• Ice storage
• P.O.S. terminal hookups for banquet bar facilities
• Refrigerated, lockable storage space for wine and beer and dedicated space for catering
• Soiled glassware storage
5. Finishes - Banquet Beverage Station:
• Floor: Concrete, sealed
• Base: Same as walls
• Walls: Ceramic tile or FR-FRFP
• Ceiling: Accessible acoustical tile on corrosion resistant
grid and supports.

Banquet Plating

1. Program: Dedicated area within the Main Kitchen for staging of finished plates and carts to be sent to a catering function.
• Local market conditions and rethermalization methods typically drive requirements.
• Verify with market study and consider separation of products.
2. Hot Food: Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Conveyor plating tables with built in hot wells.
• Heat lamps.
• Mobile dish dollies (specified in 5SU Supplies Package).
• Mobile, electric heat (no solid fuel), hot holding cabinets.
Size capacity for 12 inch (30 cm) diameter plates.
3. Cold Food: Requirements include, but are not limited to the following:
• Mobile ice bins.
• Mobile refrigerated cabinets.
• Walk in refrigerator with cart parking.
4. Dry Storage: Provide the following:
• Lockable storage for silver (when applicable).
• Flat shelf storage for chaffing dishes and equipment.
5. Warewasher: Share with main kitchen, where practical.
6. Silver Burnishing: Provide in or next to warewashing area.

5 * Hotel Commercial Kitchen Mechanical Standarts
Structure of the kitchen
Kitchen ,the products
Kitchen,Human resources
Kitchen ,Hygiene aspects
Kitchen ,Layout
Kitchen ,Ventilation
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