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Instrumentation and Control

Thermometers and pressure gauges shall be installed in the air, water, steam and fuel oil systems for balancing, operating and maintenance purposes.

Proper recording devices and integrating steam flow meters shall be installed in the major steam systems such as: boiler header, absorption refrigeration machines and domestic hot water heaters.

Proper recording meters shall be installed for chilled and condenser water circuits of the refrigeration system. Meters are to record temperatures in and out and flow in gpm.

A remote alarm indication panel shall be installed in the Engineer's Office.

An oil totalising meter shall be installed in fuel oil tank fill.

Stack thermometers shall be installed in all stacks.

A portable combustion test kit to measure CO2 and O2 of flue gas shall be furnished.

Draft gauges shall be installed at each air filter bank.

An outdoor wet bulb and dry bulb recorder shall be installed.

Water totalising meters shall be installed in make up lines to cooling tower, boiler feed system, cooling tower blow down, and irrigation system.

A contact pyrometer shall be furnished if the property has steam systems.

A Building Management System shall be provided to supervise and control the mechanical, electrical plumbing, fire protection and security systems. Control for the mechanical systems shall be by Direct Digital Control (DDC).

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