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Air Handling Units

Packaged type supply air units shall be factory assembled, sectionalised construction, consisting of individual fan section with motor, adjustable motor base, V belt drive and belt guard, coil section, filter section, mixing box section and access sections.

Fans shall be DWDI backward inclined, AMCA rated and selected at high efficiencies to obtain lower brake horsepower.

Units with cooling coils shall have interior insulation and insulated drain pans. Drain pans are to have a factory applied epoxy seal to prevent rusting.

Cabinets shall be constructed of galvanised steel completed with electrostatically applied baked enamel finish.

They should be installed in a machine room with adequate head height and properly enclosed. Air handling plant rooms must have pre-filters. Ceiling mounted units are to be avoided.

Units are to be mounted on a plinth to achieve positive falls for drainage and reduce noise transmission.

Back draft dampers shall be considered behind external grills as an energy saving measure.


Centrifugal fans shall be backward inclined non overloading type, AMCA rated. Those having 750mm wheel diameter or greater shall be airfoil type.

Units shall include V belt drive with belt guard, extended grease fittings, inlet screens. Access doors shall be included for those fans over 920mm diameter.

Adjustable pitch drives shall be used up to 40 HP and constant speed drives 50 HP and above.

Axial flow fans shall be vaneaxial type, AMCA rated. The units shall include a vortex breaker, outlet cone, extended grease fittings and support legs.

Axial flow fans may only be used in low static pressure systems. Sound treatment of the fan system shall be designed in accordance with recommendations of an Acoustic Consultant.

The major ventilation fans shall be operable from the Fire Control Centre, for smoke control applications.


Water (heating and cooling) coils shall be continuous tube type with helical or plate type fins and cast iron or brazed copper headers. Coils of 5/8" O.D. seamless copper tubing with aluminium fins for cooling and heating. Copper fins or other approved protection shall be provided where outdoor air is corrosive. The maximum number of fins shall be twelve (12) per inch.
Coils shall be provided with a positive means of draining and venting and factory tested at 21 bar (300 psig).
Coils shall be selected at a maximum face velocity of 500 fpm and have ARI certified ratings.

Steam coils (for pre heat application) shall be tube within a tube type, constructed of 25mm O.D. outer and 16mm O.D. inner copper tubes with continuous plate type aluminium fins.
Coils shall be factory tested at 4 bar (300 psig).
Coils shall have ARI certified ratings.

Air Filters

For air conditioning systems, automatic roll type filters, timer or pressure actuated, with an average efficiency of 85% by NBS dust spot method are recommended. Disposable type pre filters or extended service bag filters may be used in lieu of the above.

For ventilating, use 50mm thick disposable type filters with an average efficiency of 35% by NBS dust spot method.

For Guest Room fan coil units, use 25mm thick washable or disposable filters sized to fit combination filter/return grill.

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