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MeMate HVAC turns your computer into a well-trained associate, knowledgeable, productive, sharp, and meticulous. Now you can free yourself from routine procedures and put the pressure on your newly hired "associate". No mistakes will be made on its side.
A simple, streamlined, dialogue-like interface with the computer allows you to design and estimate the job from scratch - in no time!


Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
The load is calculated by ASHRAE approved CLTD method. The number of rooms, walls, windows is unlimited. In the beginning, simply tell the computer few general facts about the building and point to the exterior walls, windows, and fins. Then mark rooms by pointing to the corners of the rooms and specify the internal heat gain sources. Save time on area take-off and redundant data entry. While calculating the load, MeMate will obtain the location and characteristics of building components and rooms right from the drawing.


Air Distribution Devices
Pick desired type of an air distribution device from a variety of devices. Then specify design airflow and point to the device location. The rest is done in a split of a second. The computer selects the size of the device and puts the symbol, arrows, size and airflow tags in the drawing.


Air Terminal Units
Choose Variable Air Volume Box, Fan-Coil Unit or Water Source Heat Pump. Simply pick in the drawing the rooms or spaces to be serviced by the unit and point to desired unit location. The computer determines the required capacity of the unit by gathering the results of room load calculations and places unit's symbol in the drawing.


Ductwork Design
Traditionally cumbersome and time consuming, this task becomes a breeze with MeMate HVAC. Use provided convenient tools to develop a single-line layout of ductwork system. Start the system from air terminal unit, riser, or identify any point on the plan as a point of connection. Specify few design criteria and let the computer take the heat. MeMate HVAC sizes the ducts to fit in available space and converts a single-line layout into precisely drawn ductwork with fittings, flexible ducts, and accessories. The process of calculation and conversion of the most complex ductwork system is a matter of seconds. See your system instantly. Take the advantage of speed and ease of ductwork design. Get quick material take-off and the total weight of the designed ductwork. Try other alternatives of ductwork layout. Re-design is as simple as the original design. Develop new ductwork system and compare the take-offs. With MeMate HVAC, you can design the most cost-effective system before your competitor turns the disk of his ductulator.


Piping Design
Similarly to ductwork design, your task is to develop a layout of the piping system using MeMate tools. The computer automatically produces the layout of return piping for direct- return systems. Specify piping material and criteria for pipe sizing, and the computer will calculate required water flow, size the pipes, put fittings and dielectric isolators where needed.


Material Take-off
Get instantly a precise Bill of Materials. Everything you put in the drawing with MeMate HVAC will be counted, sorted, and output conveniently. What you've designed is what you get. In addition to complete list of ducts with total length for each duct size, MeMate HVAC outputs a summary of rigid ductwork. It gives you the square footage and weight of the straight ducts and fittings with break-down by gauges.


Cost Estimate
With customizeable price database, MeMate will give you the estimated cost of your project.


Full Metric System Support
You may choose to work in Metric System with input and output in SI units. You may also convert your drawing from I-P to SI and vice versa with a simple click of a button.

Distinctive Features

From load calculations to complete double line HVAC drawings with material take-off and line-by-line estimates, all inside AutoCAD drawing editor.
Calculates cooling and heating load in unlimited number of spaces
Sizes and draws an unlimited number of air distribution devices
Sizes and draws various types of air terminal units
Gives convenient tools to draw a single line ductwork layout, automatically sizes the ductwork, and converts single line layout of unlimited complexity into detailed double line drawing.
Automatically sizes the piping systems
Produces a complete material take-off and line-by-line estimate
MeMate HVAC is a perfect choice for any job. TI or new construction, large or small, you benefit enormously.
Simple To Use
Unlike other programs, MeMate doesn't attempt to impress you with variety of the features and options useless in day-by-day operation. Your interface with the computer is limited to pointing to a location on the screen, selecting objects, and inputting certain data (for example, maximum air velocity.)
Easy To Learn
MeMate HVAC uses a traditional approach to HVAC design, with computerized calculations and drafting. Basically, there is nothing to learn. Considering the simplicity of MeMate, your knowledge of HVAC systems is 95% of success. Most of the users successfully operate MeMate from the very first day.
All data pertinent to the project is stored in the drawing. You don't have to switch between programs, transfer or re-type the data from one to another. MeMate does it transparently. No paper cuts from your print-outs. A comprehensive project information is a mouse click away.
MeMate helps you to avoid errors and omissions. For example, when you insert the air terminal unit in the drawing, a thermostat symbol will pop-up automatically. You can't miss it. Just point to desired location of the thermostat and click. Throughout the project, MeMate provides you with invaluable information to help in making a right decision, but always leaves to you a power of last word.
MeMate features absolutely painless re-calculation and re-design of any HVAC system. At any moment, you can go back to your project and accommodate the changes effortlessly.





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