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Design Master HVAC

Design Master HVAC integrates the process of designing and drafting ductwork systems.Rather than using one software program for load calculations, one for duct sizing, and yet another for drafting, we do it all for you. There is no need for tedious, cumbersome, and error-prone transfers of data between programs. Everything you need to do, you can do in Design Master HVAC, and it is all available from the familiar AutoCAD interface.
Duct Sizing
Using the calculated CFM value, DM HVAC can size the ductwork. As the designer, you can specify the criteria that a duct needs to satisfy.
Ducts can be sized using three different methods: constant velocity, constant pressure drop, or static regain. In addition, you can specify size and shape constraints. Any combination of width, depth, and shape can be set and locked. When the CFM values in a duct are changed, Design Master remembers which settings you locked and which it can change and calculates the appropriate size for the duct.

For example, if you are working in a ceiling space that only allows ducts of 24" depth in them, you can tell Design Master that. Ducts that are sized will not exceed that 24" depth, increasing their width instead if they need to be that big.

Pressure Calculations
The pressure in a system is automatically calculated by Design Master. When you select a duct, it will display the total pressure at that point based upon the worst-case pressure drop. The pressure drop is calculated based upon the CFM in the ducts, the duct shape and lengths, and the particular fittings used in the duct section.

Using this information, you can size the fan for your HVAC systems.

A computer capable of running AutoCAD 2002 or later. Here are the recommended system requirements from Autodesk for AutoCAD 2007, their latest version. Here is a list of AutoCAD system requirements for other versions.
AutoCAD 2002 or later. This includes AutoCAD 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2006. We do not currently support AutoCAD 2007 at this time.
Windows XP (Professional or Home Edition) or Windows 2000 Professional.
Screen resolution of 1024x768.
If you are going to share Design Master files over a network, a Microsoft Windows operating system on the server.
The following are known to work, but are no longer officially supported:

System Requirements

AutoCAD 2000 and 2000i. Autodesk has stopped officially supporting these two version. We no longer test our software on them. All of our ARX's are available in a format that will work with these versions. You are welcome to run Design Master on these versions, but you might run in to difficulties that can only be fixed by upgrading your version of AutoCAD.
The following are not officially supported by Design Master, though it is possible that they will work:
Windows 98 and Me.
The following are not supported by Design Master and will not work:
AutoCAD R14 or earlier .
Any version of AutoCAD LT.
Windows 95 or earlier.





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