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Carrier delivers global solutions across the broadest range of heating, cooling and refrigeration applications. With a proven track record of leadership and industry expertise, Carrier is here to meet your needs with our portfolio of market-leading products and services.Carrier provides premium solutions for your commercial heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning needs. Whether it’s the Centurion™ Rooftop with Puron® refrigerant, the Aero™ air-handler with AgION™ antimicrobial coating, or the AquaSnap™ air-cooled chiller with an integrated pumping package, Carrier is committed to delivering the best HVAC equipment, systems, and service to customers

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From small unitary packaged units to 3,950-ton water chillers … from custom air handlers to variable-air-volume terminals and packaged terminal air conditioners, Trane has the right equipment and controls for any kind of job, in any climate, in any situation, anywhere in the world. And using our deep understanding of HVAC applications, we can orchestrate these pieces into reliable and energy-efficient Integrated Comfort™ systems (ICS) … engineered systems designed to meet or exceed your thermal comfort needs.



YORK designs and manufactures a complete line of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for the residential and light commercial markets.and to a full spectrum of commercial and industrial facilities,Please select this area of the website to learn more about residential products including information on Product warranties.


Wolf GmbH , Germany

Wolf GmbH is a leading supplier of air handling, ventilation and heating plants. Products for the air-handling industry laid the groundwork for a development boom taking the company all the way to the top in the European market. Opera houses, airports and office buildings have long relied on Wolf for their air handling and ventilation.
Back in the eighties, heating technology was the next natural step. It has proven to be an important milestone in the company’s success story. Environmentally compatible, economic heating products from Wolf rapidly established themselves at the leading edge of the high-end branded product sector. Ultra-high standards in production and service laid the foundation for all that was to follow. Heating and air handling technology from Wolf is designed to serve man and ease/spare the environment. Knowing precisely what people need today, Wolf manufactures top-quality, cutting edge products.

GEA Air Treatment ,Germany

GEA Air Treatment is offering the complete range of components for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Consequently, consultants, contractors and architects can rely on one single partner. All products are perfectly compatible in order to create the comfort desired with highest economic efficiency. Thus, compatibility problems in connection with building management systems are also history.

No matter what solutions are needed: Central air handling units, terminal units for commercial or industrial use, fan coils or air unit heaters, chillers or controls: GEA Air Treatment is the competent partner - as a manufacturer as well as an adviser.



Sabiana is an Italian company that, since 1929 has designed, manufactured and sold innovative heating and air conditioning equipment. Since 1996 it is certified in accordance to ISO 9001 Quality Standards .Main products are: unit heaters, radiant panels, fan coil units, air handling units and stainless steel flues. This units work with hot and chilled water, the best natural existing fluid.



The main products manufactured by
BPS are heating and air-conditioning appliances, characterised by
Versatility, Reliability, Efficiency
and Easy Installation.
Special emphasis is dedicated to the
Absolute Wide Range of Accessories which is completing the products and permitting the installation according with the most different requirements.
To complete the range there is the BPS availability to develop new accessories and solutions according with the client specific requirements. A CAD/CAM assisted design is available directly coupled with the N.C. machines employed in the manufacturing process (punching-machines, presses, folder-presses, etc…) able to guarantee the Maximum Operational Flexibility.
At present the BPS production is concentrated on two product families:





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