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Interior Designer to determine decorative accessory requirements.

The accessories and artwork for every hotel must be developed in a co-ordinated manner. A professional artwork program is required.

Original artwork should be featured. If artwork is not original, high quality lithographs (numbered) must be installed. Prints and photographs are not acceptable.

High quality mounting and framing is required. Accessories are very important. Sculpture, vases, urns, decorative planters, display cases etc. should be selected representing the best of their type. These objects should be ornately displayed for best effect.

Lighting artwork and objects must be considered in the planning stages. Wall mounted artwork must be lit with glare free, even illumination. Scalloping or shadowing over the art piece will detract from its appearance.

All wall mounted artwork must be securely fastened to the wall by a method which will prevent pilferage.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative incandescent light fixtures are to be selected by the Interior Designer to co-ordinate with the scheme.

Lighting should enhance and accent the furniture pieces, decorative elements and artwork. Evenly illuminated spaces purely for ambient light are not acceptable. Lighting plays an important part in the ambience, even during the day.

Lighting should be glare free and well integrated with architectural elements.

All table lamps must have turn switch in weighted base.

All floor lamps must have heavy weighted bases to provide stability on carpet.

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