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Hotel should provide a quality experience for the guest.

Design guestrooms and suites with warm, comfortable, residential ambiance.
• Materials: Select aesthetically pleasing, functional, durable and easy to maintain products.
• Color Palette: Provide bright and cheerful guestrooms using bright and contrasting colors. Avoid monochromatic and light delicate colors, earth tones and muted colors.

Samples of all items should be fabricated, tested (simulating actual conditions) and approved by prior to starting production. Manufacturers shall give a minimum guarantee of one (1) year for all furnishings against defects in materials and workmanship, and must be commercial grade top quality.

All materials and finishes must meet the standards. All applicable codes, ust take precedence whenever applicable.

Particular emphasis will be placed on fabrics and finishes meeting combustibility standards. All materials shall be provided with manufacturers' test certificates confirming that the products meet the relatedrequirements.

If several material alternatives are available, the least combustible material is to be selected.

Entry Area: Hard surface, large scale, 16 x 16 inch minimum, stone or porcelain tile floor units or other durable material; 0.6 wet/dry slip resistance and matching base. Include wood casing surround betweenentry foyer and guest sleeping area consistent with millwork design (painted or stained) and to provide corner protection at walls.
Floor / Base: Wall to wall carpet with 10 cm (4 inch) high wood base, painted or stained or 10 cm (4 inch) high carpet base (option) or area rugs over hard surface finish flooring with 10 cm (4 inch) high wood base. Match base height in foyer
Walls: Vinyl wall covering or painted smooth in humid areas. Include decorative millwork / trim corner protection and coordinate with Interior Design.
Millwork : Painted or transparent living area (not used in low ceilings of entry and bath), window valance, foyer entry casing trim and wood base. Select millwork in proportion / scale to space.
Ceiling: Smooth painted (gypsum board substrate or skim coat plaster over ground substrate is preferred). Lay-in or concealed grid acoustical tile or suspended grid and tile systems are not acceptable.

Soft Goods

All soft goods should be constructed of inherently flame resistant fibres or treated to meet Hotel's standards of local code, whichever is more stringent.

All samples submitted for approval must be accompanied by detailed specifications, revealing construction and fibre content.


Fabric Requirements
1200mm or 1350mm wide cotton sateen or polyester, vat-dyed, is recommended for over-drapes.

Fibreglass is not acceptable.

Must be pre-shrunk and Scotchguarded. Where attached lining must be used, shrinkage factor must be the same for both.

Drapery fabric must be flame retarded.

Blackout fabric to be polyester/cotton and flame retardant. Sheer fabric to be polyester.

Quantity Overage
Provide 5% overage of each colour scheme for reserve of Guest Room drapery fabric.

Drapery may traverse via a cord or wand mechanism; no hand traverse will be allowed.

All drapery tracks and hardware to be Kirsch double-duty quality, or equal.

2-track system to be used and must be full traverse; 3-track system recommended in suites.

When 2 tracks are used, tracks to be at least 100mm on centre.

Curtains to be centre-opening. When curtains are drawn total blackout must be achieved.<

Fabricate curtains and sheer with 10cm double bottom hem, 12cm double heading French pleat and 4cm side double hem. Patterned fabrics must be matched across the window for uniformity. Draperies to be dressed down once they are hung by adjusting the heading and pushing the folds into place.

All Guest Rooms must have casement or sheers as part of the window treatment.

250% fullness for over drapery and casement or sheers to be 200%. Hems to be weighted with non-corrosive strips. Finish length should be maximum 1.5cm from top of carpet.

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