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Mattress and Box Spring

Box springs are not to be exposed when bedspread is removed.

See following for detailed specifications.

Bed Frame

Sandbox style (see attached sheet for detailed specifications) or adjustable style with casters.

Innerspring Mattress Specifications

This specification covers the component parts and the manufacturing details of the sizes, coil count and gauges.

Queen Size: 153 x 203 - 432 Coils - 18 x 24 - 2.35mm 6 turn triple offset 4mm H.C.
Border Wire.
Double X/Long: 137 x 203 - 384 Coils - 16 x 24 - 2.35mm 6 turn triple offset 4mm H.C.
Border Wire.

Triple Offset Coil Innerspring Unit

This all wire, special spring unit is constructed of transverse rows of 2.35mm 6 turn, semi-cylindrical triple offset coils, 130mm high, connected to a 1.4mm helical at right angles to the long axis of the unit. The flat offset sides of the coils joined by the helical prevent any possibility of lateral slippage of the coil. In addition, the hinging action resulting from the offset helical connection allows for better body support combined with surface comfort conformity. All coils are programmed and are made of not less than 69.8mm diameter high carbon steel spring wire. The helical is high carbon steel spring wire. Each offset coil is joined by the helical with a 5 or 6 turn tie per offset bar. All helical ends are mechanically crushed at each termination point to prevent spin-out.

A 4mm border wire is secured to the outer row of coils by means of a 1.4mm helical that attaches with a minimum of three turns. The border high carbon wire provides the support framework for seating usage and is twist wrapped at the ends.

The unit is twice tempered. First, each coil is individually tempered and the entire assembled unit is tempered at 375oC. This is essential for the shape and longer life of the spring unit.

The Comfort System
This will consist of 6 overlays:

1. Polypropylene mesh overlay;
2. Needle felt pad;
3. Pre-compressed cotton;
4. Reemay backing;
5. 19mm foam; and
6. Flame retardant cover.

Upholstery Layers
1. A pre-compressed cotton felt upholstery consists of unbroken laminated garneted cotton made of all new and unused material regulations, 4.0kg batts per side in 137 x 203 size; 4.6kg in 153 x 203 size and 5.4kg in 183 x 203 size. The pre-compressed cotton is placed over the secondary insulator and around the edge wire.

2. The multi-quilted cover construction is then placed over the insulator and filling material and fastened by the flanging process. The multi-quilted process is a sandwich construction consisting of spun bonded backing, 19mm polyurethane and the durable flame retardant cover. These elements are joined together in an attractive multi-needle stitched quilting design.

The ticking is 100% cotton, designed and tested specifically for hotels. It is flame retardant in accordance with regulations for the accommodation industry.

The flange consists of a strip of high tensile fabric, machine sewn 15mm inside the outer hem of the top and bottom panels. The entire insulation and upholstery filling is securely anchored to the edge of the unit in the form of a snug roll, by fastening the flanging material to the coils with hog rings. The flanging process reinforces the edges and keeps the filling material from shifting.

All Sealy comfort systems are subjected to rigorous accelerated durability tests conducted at Sealy's International Research and Development Centre.

Borders are made to the specified 100% cotton ticking and are in one piece, with the ends securely sewn to each other. The border is quilted to 6mm polyurethane with spun bonded polyester backing material.

Each mattress will have a label attached indicating the state in which it was manufactured, show the name and address of the manufacturing location and certify that all materials are new.

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