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HVAC system must be capable of providing simultaneous guestroom heating or cooling.

Peak cooling loads for selection of guestroom fan coil units on peak exterior loading with sheers closed, two people per room and 250 watts per room electric load. Guest Room heating and cooling units shall be fan coil type. Self contained terminal air conditioning units or heat pumps may not be used.

If horizontal concealed fan coil units are used, they shall be located over the foyer ceiling, with filter access doors as return grills.

If vertically stacked fan coil units are used, air outlets shall be located so as not to cause drafts and to minimise sound levels at the bed location.

The fan coil units shall be sized to maintain desired room temperature at no higher than medium speed.

Individual Guest Room thermostats shall be provided. The thermostat shall be a combination heating cooling type with colour coded graduated temperature adjustment, on off switch and multiple 3 speed fan control.

Thermostat shall be adjustable through 5oK by the guest. Control valves shall be two way type. The thermostat shall throttle the control valve only; fan control is not acceptable. Isolation of the fan (off position) will disable the thermostat and drive control valves closed.

• Supply Air: Quantity equals 102 m3/hr (60 cfm) per guestroomand must be 20% or 4.7 l/s (10 cfm) greater than toilet exhaust, to each guestroom.vertical stack
• Fan coil units located in the guestroom interior, hard duct make-up air into the return section of the fan coil unit. For horizontal fan coil units hard duct make-up air into the supply grille on vertical bulkhead of the entry vestibule.

•Provide four pipe horizontal type with chilled water cooling coil with two-way motorized valve, hot water heating coil with motorized two-way valve, flow control valves, integral insulated drain pan and filter return cabinet. Provide a constant flow device with Pressure Temperature (P/T) ports on the return side of each coil. Provide a ball valve on the supply side of each coil. Exposed insulation is not allowed inside fan coil units.
• Location: Install horizontal units above ceiling of guestroom, entry vestibule, positioned not to blow directly on the bed. Coordinate return grille, thermostat, and access panel with Interior Design.
• Thermostat: Provide programmable digital controller to maintain space temperature. Controller to include pushbuttons for off/auto, fan, setpoint or room temperature display, up arrow (warmer), down arrow (cooler) and ºC/ºF selector. (Some guestroom thermostad manufacturers) .
• Piping: Provide full-port ball valves for shut-off on chilled water and hot water coil connections.
• Condensate Drains: Do not connect fan coil unit condensate drains to plumbing fixtures. Hard pipe to< sanitary sewer.

Guestroom Corridor System:
• Supply air quantity 15% greater than total exhaust of adjacent spaces per corridor (excluding guestrooms), or minimum 2 air changes per hour with vertical ducts and sidewall supply registers located at the egress stairs in a minimum of two locations.
• Smoke Control : During smoke control phese, guestroom make-up air system and toilet exhaust system shall operate as normal

Hotel Guestroom Temperature & Humidity

Design Temperatures & Relative Humidity
°C (°F) %RH
Heating °C (°F)
Guestrooms & Suites
22.2(72) / 50%RH
Guestroom Corridors
22.2(72) / 50%RH
All fan coil units shall have (min.) 25mm filters (disposable or washable type) on the intake side of the coil(s).

Ensure that condensate pipes are correctly graded to fall and are fully insulated.

Provide cut off switch to FCU from balcony door or windows, to isolate cooling/heating valve when opened.

Fan coil unit is to be accessible through a hinged access panel secured by budget locks. Opening to give unobstructed access to isolation valves, drains and controls.

Supply and return grills shall be aluminium and finished as required by the Architect or Interior Designer, Supply grills are to be double deflection type. Return air grills to be hinged with filter fixed in slide rail for maintenance.

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