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Doors, Frames and Hardware
1. Entry to Guestroom: 20 minute fire rating, minimum in rated fire walls of 1 hour; closer required. Door: Solid core wood construction; fully bonded.
• Door Size: 91 cm (3 ft.) wide with minimum 81 cm (2'-8") clear opening.
• Door Details: Raised wood panel type or applied molding to flush door.
• Undercut: 6mm (¼ inch).
• Face: Paint grade or optional stain grade wood veneer.
•Frame: Hollow steel, fully welded joints, 1.52 mm (U.S. 16 gage);
• Fastening / Reinforcement: Provide reinforcement, anchors and fasteners to secure frame to perimeter construction. Fill frame with insulation for acoustics.
• Reinforce frame at latch strike to resist forced entry with a pry bar type hand tool.
• Details: On both sides of door, provide painted or stained millwork frame surrounds over steel frames for a residential appearance.
•Hardware: Commercial Grade 2 hardware; night door guard with striker plate; viewer; floor stop; acoustical door seal at perimeter; silencer; hinges; door closer.

•Entrance Lock: Magnetic encoded card - electronic operated lock Security) with automatic dead bolt.
• Door Viewer: 160 degree minimum; (furnish two at accessible rooms); one installed at 1.5 m (5 ft.) and other at 1.07 m (3'-6") above finish floor. Provide with clear< finish coating.
• Threshold: Stone (such as granite).
• Evacuation Plaque: Locate on room side of entry door.

Connector Door(s):
Door: Solid core wood construction; fully bonded; two door arrangement (pair of doors back to back) in single frame with perimeter acoustical seal for privacy and security.
• Size: 91 cm (3'-0") with minimum 81 cm (2'-8") clear opening.
• Rating: Not less than rating requirements for doors in rated party wall. • Face: Panel design; selected by Interior Designer.
Frame: Hollow steel, welded joints, 1.52 mm (U.S. 16 gage); paint exposed perimeter frame.
Hardware: Provide with communicating (connector) door deadbolt (thumbturn only); exit latchset; stop; door seal; bottom seal; threshold; hinges.

Door: Solid wood construction, single panel door.
• Size: 91 cm (3'-0") with minimum 81 cm (2'-8") clear opening.
• Face: Panel design; stained or painted, selected by Interior Designer.
Frame: Hollow steel, welded joints, 1.52 mm (U.S. 16 gage); painted frames.
Hardware: Privacy latchset; hinges; stop; silencers.

Disabled Persons' Rooms
One per 100 keys is required. These consist of a one-bay key (King or Double/Double) with a full bath modified to accommodate persons restricted to wheelchairs. Must have interconnecting doors to another one-bay rentable unit (preferably DD). Disabled Persons' rooms are considered rentable units and should be located in close proximity to an elevator on the lower level floors.
All Guest Room doors accessible from corridors (and patios ground floor) will be equipped with a mortise lock which is always locked when the door is closed. The mortise lock will feature a 25mm throw deadbolt and a minimum 15mm deadlatch, both of which are retractable by turning the inside door knob.

The device used to activate the lock shall have the capability of being changed with each new guest. This must be done electronically.

A thumb turn deadbolt lock alone is not acceptable and will not be allowed for security and safety reasons.

Balcony doors of the glass sliding type found on Guest Rooms above the ground level will be equipped with a hookbolt deadlock operable from the Guest Room side of the stationary glass panel for:

1. provision for a locking ("Charlie") bar to be placed on the track between the sliding panel frame and the door frame; and
2. to reduce maintenance on the track hardware.

All doors will have locking instructions posted on the Guest Room side of the door.

All Guest Room entrance doors will be equipped with three (3) anti-friction type hinges. One (1) hinge shall be of the self-closing type (adjustable spring hinge). Alternatively, a door closer shall be provided. The door must self-close and lock without assistance.

Door Stops
Either wall mounted type, with adequate grounds provided in wall construction, or floor angle type, mounted with anchoring type screws, depending on design conditions. All stops to be type with white rubber bumper. Exterior sliding glass doors to have bumpers at each end of track.

All Guest Room doors are to be equipped with either a door guard security device (preferred) or a chain type locking device.

Door Viewers
All Guest Room doors will be equipped with one-way door viewers permitting the guest to have 180 degree visibility of the corridor from within the room. The door viewer shall be of tamper-proof construction with a glass lens and is to be mounted 1350mm A.F.F.L. in centre of door.

Door Numbers
All Guest Room doors will have a number identifying them as Guest Rooms. The numbers will be surface mounted on the door or adjacent to it.

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