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Smoke Sensors (Detectors):
• Guestrooms, Suite Rooms and other Sleeping Units:
Provide smoke sensors with sounder bases to meet the following:
+ Photoelectric type sensor.
+ Sounder Base: Provide minimum audible alarm of 85 dBA at 10 feet; minimum of 75 dBA “at the pillow”.
+ Activation of room smoke sensor to immediately and automatically sound an alarm within the room of incident.
+ System smoke sensor normal and emergency power is provided by the FACP.
+ In suites and other mixed sleeping spaces, provide smoke sensors in each separate sleeping room, in living rooms convertible to sleeping and in areas providing access to the corridor doorway. Multiple sensor sounder bases located within the same suite or unit shall activate at the same time.



Alarm Notification Appliances: Provide audible notification appliances (speakers, mini-horns, horns, or sounder bases of system connected smoke sensors) and visual notification
strobe lights in locations according to the following: • Guestroom, Suite Rooms and Other Sleeping Spaces: Provide audible appliances in each sleeping room. In
properties with separate multiple sleeping spaces such as suites and apartments, provide in each sleeping room.
• In ADA Accessible and Hearing Accessible designated Guestrooms, Suites, or Apartments: provide audible alarm and visual alarm strobe(s).



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