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Fire Stopping Glossary of Terms 3

Non-Sag Caulk - Any compound that does not
flow or sag out after application usually installed
in a vertical joint or wall penetration.
Perimeter Fire Containment Systems - A
specific construction consisting of a floor with an
hourly fire endurance rating, an exterior curtain
wall with no hourly fire endurance rating, and the
fill material installed between the floor and the
curtain wall to prevent the vertical spread of fire
in the building.
Open System - A series of designed pipes
through which waste materials and liquids are
vented to a central system. In some jurisdictions,
EMT is considered an open system. Air duct
systems have also been seen by some as an
open penetration.
PEX Pipe – Abbreviation for Cross-Link
Polyethylene pipes, typically for domestic water
distribution and hydronic heating. High
temperature and pressure properties.
Point Contact - Penetrating item is touching the
side of the substrate or another penetrating item.
Party Wall – A wall jointly owned and jointly
used by two parties under easement agreement
or by right of law, and erected at or upon a line
separating 2 parcels of landeach of which is, or
is capable of being, a separate real estate entity.
Putty Pad - A rectangular or square pad
installed on the outside of an electrical outlet
box. Material may be intumescent or non-
Penetration - An opening created in a
membrane or assembly to accommodate
penetrating items for electrical, mechanical,
plumbing, environmental, and communication
PVC Pipe- Abbreviation for Polyvinyl Chloride
pipe, a plastic pipe usually used for water waste
distribution. (vented, open system)
Penetration Firestop System - An assemblage
of specific materials or products that are
designed, tested and fire- resistive in
accordance with UBC 7-5 to resist, for a
prescribed period of time, the passage of fire
through penetrations.*
Rating - The time period the penetration firestop
system limits the passage of fire through the
penetration when tested in accordance with
ASTM-E814 (UBC 7-5).*


Rated Wall/Floor - Any wall or floor that has a
fire-resistive rating tested to ASTM E119 (UBC
T Rating - The time period that the penetration 07840 - “Firestopping and Smoke Protection”
firestop system including the penetrating item, section of the architectural specifications guide
limits the maximum temperature rise to 325
degrees F (163 deg C) above its initial 07270 - Firestop Section of the Architecture
temperature through the penetration on the non-Specifications Guide, recently changed to 07840
fire side, when tested in accordance with ASTME-
814 or UBC 7-5.* UL - Abbreviation for Underwriters Laboratories,
Safing Material - Insulation material installed in
joints and annular spaces to prevent the fire from
getting to the unexposed side. Installed before
the firestop sealant is applied. (usually mineral
Inc. Non-profit, independent third party testing
Third Party testing Agency – An accredited Laboratory located in Northbrook, Illinois.
testing agency approved to perform Fire
Safing Slot - Opening/gap between the exterior
wall of a building and the edge of the floor slab.

Endurance Testing. Unexposed Side - The unexposed surface of an assembly refers to the surface away from the fire

Splice - The result of a factory or field method of
joining or connecting two or more lengths of a
fire-resistive joint system into a continuous

Through-Penetration Firestop System – An during a test.
assemblage of specific materials or products
that are designed, tested and fire-resistance I.T.S. (Warnock Hersey) -Independent third
rated to resist for a prescribed period of time the party testing laboratory located in Coquitlam,
spread of fire through penetrations. The F and T B.C.
rating criteria for penetration firestop systems and Pittsburg, CA for firestop testing. Proper shall be in accordance with ASTM E 814 (ULC company name is Intertek Testing Services (ITS)

Structure - The fire resistive floor and/or wall
segments between which the joint system is
Wrap Strip - A flexible intumescent material
Top-of-Wall - The gap/joint above the GWB or approximately 2” wide, 1/16” thick installed
concrete wall and below the ceiling, metal deck around the circumference of a plastic pipe,
of floor. between the pipe and the substrate
Slab Edge -The edge/end of the floor slab UL Classification -an identification method used
by UL to classify and rate manufacturer’s
that require Code or Standard Compliance. These
products are classified and are subject to the UL
“Follow-Up Service.” Firestop materials are UL
Classified, they are not “approved” nor “listed.”
products tested to be used in specific applications.
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