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Designing Eco-Hotels,Niche Hotels

Niche hotels is a small collection of luxurious, intimate, period hotels with minimalist-styled cool and contemporary influences.

city centre luxurious hotels have a very now, contemporary interior design and are celebrated boutique hotels, whilst our country house hotel places a greater emphasis on the period of the property, sympathetically blended with the nichehotels style.

nichehotels’ philosophy is to provide a great night sleep in luxurious hotel surroundings, a refreshing powerful shower supported by excellent service

Many environmentally responsive hotels are niche properties, hotels at unique environmental sites that carry that environmental theme through every detail of the architecture and engineering.

For example, the Cuisinart Resort on the semi-desert Caribbean island of Anguilla features a hydroponic farm, as well as restaurants and food-preparation facilities dedicated to healthful dining as a component of healthful living.

The development of niche properties is continuing at an ever-increasing pace, with new special interests being targeted. In his best-selling book "Boom, Bust, and Echo," Dr. David K. Foot examines the impact of demographic shifts on the hospitality industry, predicting a boom in tourism. In one section, he attributes the mercurial rise in the popularity of bird watching to the aging of the population and details the vast sums expended in pursuing this hobby. One should hardly be surprised to see a chain of hotels for bird watchers in the future and to find many unique design features to support both the activity and the environmental consciousness of its devotees.

There is no question that the number of niche hotels will continue to grow rapidly.


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