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Air Handling Unit Psychrometric
Performance Program
An Easy To Use Program That Calculates The Psychrometric Performance Of Coils, Humidifiers & Fans
Within Air Handling UnitsCustom Configured And Controlled To Meet Specified Space Loads
AhuPsyc operates under Windows® and simulates the operation of most configurations of air handling units. You may quickly custom configure an air unit and control the components to meet specified space cooling, heating and humidification loads.

In addition to providing "design load" performance, you can easily vary conditions such as outside air temperature, control setpoints, percent of design space loads, etc. - to see how the unit performs over a wide range of part load operating conditions.

You will be amazed at how simple this powerful program is to use!

Summary Of Features:

Configurations - Single zone, multizone, dual duct (single fan or two fan) - Constant volume or variable volume.
Components - Cooling coils, heating coils, humidifiers, fans - Placement at practically all possible locations.
Component Control - Control valve, face & bypass, fixed temperature, leaving humidity limit, etc.
Calculates - Component operation to meet space temperature and humidity set points - Closed loop iteration of psychrometric process - with psychrometric chart to display results.
Altitude - Simply enter the altitude. The program automatically does the rest.
Output - To printer: Graphics (unit diagram and psyc. chart) - Tabular psychrometric data of all points in the process - Component capacity performance data.
On Line Help - Context sensitive help makes program easy to use.
Why Do You Need This Program?

Save Time. With AhuPsyc, you can quickly determine requirements for specifying equipment, evaluate alternatives and analyze psychrometric performance.
Avoid Mistakes. AhuPsyc, particularly with its ability to simulate part load operation, will reduce the risk of making costly errors.
Optimize Design. Experiment with alternative solutions over a wide range of operating conditions to find the best methods to meet the design criteria. For example: Do you need reheat? How much? What about face & bypass? Maybe outside air precooling? Where should you put the humidifier?
Evaluation. With other than "design" conditions, use AhuPsyc to evaluate current psychrometric operation of existing units. Shows you why there may be a problem - and what can be done to fix it.
Training. Do the people working under your direction really understand psychrometric processes? This program with the process plotted on the psyc. chart (in color) provides a valuable training tool.
Who Needs This Program?

Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Contractors
Testing & Balancing Firms
Anyone who needs to know how air units respond to space loads


ProAir web

ProAir web is a program to design a project with air distribution products. A special feature of ProAir web is an intelligent link to MagiCAD



The AirMaster company manufacturers fin & tube coils, fan-coil units and air-handling units. To cater for the diverse requirements of the international market, AirMaster have developed a unique casing construction that allows for many configurations and component options. As an example, you may want a vertical standing double skin casing with a front horizontal discharge. This describes some of your requirements but as you go into more detail about the filter plenum, electric heater bank and humidifier section you start to realize the limitations of a simple paper catalog.



The Air Handling Unit programs uniquely tie together all aspects of laying out air handling units. One program can now select components, size cabinets, rate cooling and heating coils, select fans, and identify assorted features.




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